Sunday, August 24, 2008

Almost There!!!!!

Okay, so this blogging thing is long over do. I have had so many personal ups and downs this summer and they have all been tackled solo. So now I get to share. For those who don't know, I have been in Southern California recording my band JUNE NINE's Debut EP. I was hoping to have it done by my 36th Birthday which was on August 20th, 2008. I'm a little disappointed in myself but it is almost done. The music is all recorded, edited, and ready for vocals. The vocalist RJ Kaufman is working on them as I type this blog. The EP will have 5 songs all written by myself and vocals and melodies written by RJ. The music is intimate, powerful, and very mature. Their is depth in every note and word. It really is a reflection of where I'm at in life. I remember when life was so simple. Relationships were simple. Life is complicated and heavy now. Being an adult has never been easy for me. I'm a dreamer and an artist and this world is not nice to dreamers and artists until you finally create something that people want to pay for. Then you feel justified in your life long quest to be validated as a musician and dreamer.

I've watched my friends achieve significant success over the past year. Both Colbie Caillat and my friends in OneRepublic have gone Platinum and are touring the world. I have never had more desire and motivation to finish my music. I have also never felt so much pressure to create music that compares with my fellow musician's music.

I have spared no expense on this record and it has come at a great price. I'm having to sell most of my studio equipment to pay the for the debt I have accumulated this summer. I've been working on the record full-time and it is time to find a job. I hope that the EP will sell enough copies to pay for itself. Who am I kidding I'm hoping it will sell millions of copies but we will see.

Back in June, I rented out my townhome in Utah and packed all my recording equipment into my 1993 Honda Accord. It was quite the site. A $2500 vehicle carrying $25000 worth of recording equipment. Yes, I prayed many times for a safe arrival. LOL!!!!

I was in LA staying at the house I lived in before I moved. 122 N Mansfield in LA. I was subleasing a room from another room mate that was out of town on vacation. It's in the heart of LA... Recording studios and tourist sites right around the corner. Drew Brown (One Republic Guitarist) lives there and was in and out between Tours. It has been fun to hear his stories of the road... Australia, Europe, Asia...

We tracked drums at Ocean Studios Burbank. We had over $100k worth of mics on a 1930's vintage Gretsch Drum kit. It sounds so good! My dad came out and visited us at the studio and it was fun to have him around for the session. Todd Burke will be mixing the record in September. I am a little sad, I will have to give up my favorite MIC PREAMP... My Chandler TG2 Abbey Road Special Edition. :(..... Todd and I worked out a trade... EP MIXING for MIC PREAMP.... Oh well, hopefully my investment in the mixing will make me enough money to buy back several Chandler mic preamps.

We had a photo shoot at a Roman Catholic Church in downtown LA... So cool! We got some great shots.

I'm now in San Diego, staying in a friends house that is in foreclosure. I love this city. Its full of life, art, culture, food, beautiful beaches. It speaks to my heart. I'm hoping to make it home and do biz in LA as needed.

Please stay tuned for more blogs.